Our History

Gamma Phi Beta has a rich heritage spanning more than 140 years. Founded in 1874 at Syracuse University by Helen M. Dodge, Frances E. Haven, E. Adeline Curtis and Mary A. Bingham, the Sorority now has more than 217,000 members worldwide.

Young Founders

Explore the Legacy at GammaPhiBetaHistory.org

More than 140 years ago, Gamma Phi Beta was humbly founded by four collegiate women seeking support in a world that made them feel alienated because of their gender. Little did Helen, Frances, Adeline and Mary know that Gamma Phi Beta would become the first-ever “sorority,” impacting the lives of more than 217,000 sisters to date who have followed in their footsteps.

Because our organization’s past plays such an integral role in understanding the importance of membership, Gamma Phi Beta has created a website specifically dedicated to helping users explore the legacy our Founders created. From the Founders’ first meeting in 1874, to the introduction of new initiatives to improve membership experience in the 21st century, GammaPhiBetaHistory.org provides an inside look into our past and present.

Members, Museum and More

In addition to boasting an expansive timeline that chronicles Gamma Phi Beta through the decades, GammaPhiBetaHistory.org allows users to view items displayed in the International Headquarters museum, explore the histories of each of our collegiate chapters and learn more about Gamma Phi Beta’s past International Presidents. Sisters can also record their own chapter’s historical achievements by submitting information and photographs to the website through a simple online form.

Gamma Phi Beta is excited to share our rich history through this comprehensive and interactive website.