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Learn about the latest staffing updates and workforce announcements. Also, say thank you to a member of our workforce! Your recognition may be featured on this page!

Workforce Announcements

This spring we said farewell to our outgoing 2018-19 Collegiate Leadership Consultant (CLC) Team and are excited to welcome our 2019-20 team to our staff this month. Look for our newest CLCs on the road this fall!

  • Kat Adkisson (Oregon)
  • Angela Ging (Florida State)
  • Mikaela Harman (Wichita State)
  • Charlotte Pfingsten (Minnesota State-Mankato)
  • Madyson Rigg (Eastern Washington)
  • Kaela Samek (Nebraska-Kearney)*
  • Hailey Steuer (Central Florida)*
  • Hannah Taylor (Kennesaw State)*

*Denotes a senior CLC.

Recognition of Excellence

July 8, 2019

Supporting our Facility Directors
On June 10 and 11, 2019, our Housing and Facilities department including FMC Housing and Facilities Manager Anne Ross, AHC Manager Joel Saslaw, Housing and Facilities Assistant Brianna Schneller, FMC Housing and Facilities Manager Jessica Young and Director of Housing and Facilities Kay Wilms hosted a fantastic training for eight Facilities Management Company (FMC) facility directors at International Headquarters. The facility directors received a wide range of professional development and opportunities to connect and share best practices. Thank you to our Housing and Facilities department for providing this opportunity and leading the way for their staff.

REAL Leadership Institute Facilitating Stars
The FMC would like to show their appreciation to Ann Campbell (Northwestern) and Barbara Boenzli (Oregon State) for facilitating sessions at the Housing and Facilities Conference. Thank you for your time, energy, and support for Gamma Phi Beta Affiliated House Corporations.

Building a Legacy of Great Facilitation
During the past three years, the Facilitation Team has been critical to the success of our REAL Leadership events. They have demonstrated great flexibility as their role continued to evolve. Their curious spirit and desire to constantly improve has helped Gamma Phi Beta build a strong programming and education foundation. From feedback as we developed new programs to providing coaching to our members, this team has been incredible to work with. Thank you for all your hard work on the facilitation team.

Facilitation Team Members

  • Ashley Yee (California-Irvine)
  • Betsy Hendrick (Minnesota- Twin Cities)
  • Brandi Pass (Southern Indiana)
  • Madeline Barrow (Duke)
  • Bronwyn Holder (Chapman)
  • Danica Lempert (Kennesaw State)
  • Dawn A. Randolph (Pennsylvania State)
  • Elizabeth Nelsen (California State- Long Beach)
  • Erica Harper (Clemson)
  • Harper Matthews (Pepperdine)
  • Holly Roberts (Oklahoma)
  • Jana Allison Jones (Texas Tech)
  • Jenna Heath (San Diego State)
  • Kayla Weir (Texas A&M-Commerce)
  • Kimberly Mundhenk (California-Los Angeles)
  • Megan Westphal (Valparaiso)
  • Rachael Eddy (Florida State)
  • Sarah Kate Rogers (Oklahoma State)
  • Selina Ruiz (Pepperdine)
  • Shauna Wilson (Washington State)
  • Sheri Wilson (Chapman)
  • Tara Leigh Sands (Rochester)
  • Kelly Ling (California-Berkley)
  • Peggy Costello (Pennsylvania State)
  • Morgan Pisarski (Alma)
  • Alejandra Munoz (Connecticut)
  • Stephanie Carriere (Arizona)
  • Leslie Fowler (Clemson)

New Professional Staff at International Headquarters

  • Customer Support Coordinator

    Caitlyn Boyles

  • Director of Accounting

    Lynn Lightell

  • Director of Development

    Sara Orlino

Workforce Personnel Updates

  • Clara Bailey (Alabama-Tuscaloosa)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 3

  • Jenna Chenow (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 6

  • Karen Emminger (Purdue)
    Chapter Advisor, Delta Iota Chapter (Purdue)

  • Samantha Fleps (Iowa)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 8

  • Mary Guennette (California State-Bakersfield)
    Chapter Advisor, Delta Phi Chapter (California State-Bakersfield)

  • Brandy Hibbard (Purdue)
    Alumnae Chapter Supervisor, Region 3

  • Susie Knetter (Kansas State)
    Leadership Development Committee Member

  • Shelby Kruse (Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 5

  • Caroline Mattox (Virginia Tech)
    Moonball Specialist, Region 4

  • Erin McHale (Iowa State)
    New Chapter Team Leader

  • Sarah Moosun (Toronto)
    Moonball Specialist, Region 1

  • Ali Murphy (Arizona State)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 7

  • Natasha Niemann (Auburn)
    Chapter Advisor, Epsilon Omicron Chapter (California-Santa Cruz)

  • Lauren Nottoli (South Carolina)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 8

  • Lindsey O'Driscoll (Minnesota State-Moorehead)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 5

  • Chelsea Ostebo (South Carolina)
    Regional Team Leader, Region 8

  • Selina Ruiz (Pepperdine)
    Recruitment Supervisor-New Chapter Team

  • Kim Santos (South Florida)
    Moonball Specialist, Region 3

  • Julia Severence (University of Washington)
    Chapter Advisor, Lambda Chapter (University of Washington)

  • Elizabeth Steinhaus (Bradley)
    Alumnae Chapter Supervisor, Region 3

  • Fran Stevenson (Kansas State)
    Leadership Development Committee Member

  • Mary Grace Terhaar (St. Louis)
    Recruitment Supervisor, Region 2

  • Jill Tran (Oklahoma)
    Panhellenic Team Leader

  • Lindsay Young (Southern Methodist)
    Regional Team Leader, Region 5

  • Marisa Combs (Indiana State)
    Moonball Specialist, Region 5

  • Katie Holly (Chapman)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor, Region 5

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