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Living the sorority life in Gamma Phi Beta offers endless lifelong benefits: friendship, sisterhood, personal leadership development and growth, campus and community involvement, philanthropic opportunities, social events and more!

For many young women in college, sorority life provides a home away from home, a place to belong and an environment where you can make a real impact and shine!

But of all the reasons to "Go Greek!" most women join Gamma Phi Beta Sorority for the lifetime sisterhood. You will not only be involved on campus and making memories to last a lifetime, you'll be doing it with your best friends! From your memorable years as a collegian to your rewarding alumnae experiences, sorority life in Gamma Phi Beta lasts for a lifetime.

Home is Gamma Phi Beta

Home can be found outside of the traditional four walls of a structure.  Home is where you can be relaxed and comfortable. Home is when you're in harmony with your surroundings. Home is when you're on familiar ground.

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Statement Regarding Eligibility for Membership

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Reference Checklist

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